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Holloway Research Group


April 2018. Corey receives an internship with the FDA.

April 2018. Alessandra hired to work at Intel.

April 2018. Minh successfully defends Honors Thesis: Fabrication of Fiber Alignment and Chemical Gradient Scaffold for Tendon-Bone Repair Using Electrospinning. 

March 2018. Alessandra successfully defends Honors Thesis: Utilizing Magnetic Electrospinning to Create Gradients in Fiber Alignment for Interfacial Tissue Engineering.

February 2018. Adriana and Alessandra awarded Gore funding. 

January 2018. Lindsey and Andrew are accepted into the Master’s Opportunity in Research Engineering Program.

January 2018. Corey joins the Holloway Lab. 

December 2017. Lindsey presents her Master’s project at the Biomedical Engineering Symposium.

November 2017. Adriana and Amber present their projects at FURI Symposium. 

October 2017.  Alessandra presents poster American Institute of Chemical Engineers national conference student poster competition.

October 2017. Julianne presented electrospinning work at American Institute of Chemical Engineers national conference. 

October 2017. Fallon and Kevin present their projects at the Biomedical Engineering Society Conference. 


September 2017. Fallon presents at the Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association Symposium.

September 2017. Andrew joins the Holloway Lab. 

August 2017. Kevin and Fallon Defend Qualifiers.

May 2017. Jasmine joins the Holloway Lab. 

April 2017.  Fallon presents at ASU’s Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Bioengineering Symposium.

March 2017. Adriana accepted into the Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute REU program.

March 2017. Nathan joins the Holloway Lab. 

February 2017. Kevin and Fallon present their poster at the Mayo Clinic Regenerative Medicine and Surgery Symposium.

February 2017. Adriana joins the Holloway Lab.

September 2016. Amber joins the Holloway Lab. 

August 2016. Kevin and Fallon join the Holloway Lab.

June 2016. The Holloway lab website is live.

March 2016. Dean’s Fellowship awarded to Fallon and Kevin.

March 2016. Undergraduates Alessandra and Minh join the Holloway lab.

January 2016. Julianne Holloway joins the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy at ASU.